Washington Court Appointed Receivership Specialist

Experienced Court Receiver Capable of Handling Routine & Difficult Cases.
Liquidation of Assets and Real Estate Management during Lawsuit.
Real Estate Broker Owned – Not a Law Firm.

Get Help with Judgment Enforcement

Enforcing your money judgments and liens is our specialty. If someone owes you money and owns real estate, we can take action and recover what you’re owed.

Real Estate Broker Experienced in Receivership Practice

Receivers are usually either Attorneys or Real Estate Brokers.  As a Real Estate Broker experienced in Receiverships, we can save you money.

Focused on Settling Your Disputes

Receivers have a unique ability to create and motivate movement between two immovable parties.  We can facilitate negotiations where attorneys can’t.

Our Areas of Expertise

Washington Court Appointed Receiverships

Asset & Real Estate Control and Liquidation

Asset & Property Management During Litigation

Mediation of Contract and Real Estate Disputes


We Provide Legal Services, But are Not a Law Firm

Receivers are usually either an Attorney, a former Attorney, a Real Estate Broker, or any of the above, selected by a Lien-holder interested in seizing property or assets belong to a debtor in an effort to recover a debt, but appointed in Court by a Judge.  As a Managing Real Estate Broker experienced with complex receiverships, we save you money over the high cost of an Attorney.  Read More >>

Court Appointed Receiver

By having a Receiver appointed by your presiding Judge, we can accomplish goals for you that Attorneys can’t on their own.Read More »

Asset & Real Estate Liquidation

We can seize control your debtor’s assets or real estate holdings, manage them during legal proceedings or liquidate them as per Court Order.Read More »

Property Management During Litigation

If liquidation of assets is not an immediate requirement, we can take control of existing management, or install new management during any ongoing legal proceeding.Read More »

Mediation of Contract and Real Estate Disputes

Because Receivers are neutral Officers of the Court they can sometimes facilitate agreements between immovable or difficult arguing parties. Continue Reading…

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We are experienced and capable with all forms of Recevership duties.  If you have questions about whether a Receiver can benefit you, or if you would like to have us appointed in your judicial proceeding, contact us using the brief form below.

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