We Provide Legal Services, But are Not a Law Firm

Receivers are usually either an Attorney, a former Attorney, a Real Estate Broker, or any of the above, selected by a Lien-holder interested in seizing property or assets belong to a debtor in an effort to recover a debt, but appointed in Court by a Judge.  As a Managing Real Estate Broker experienced with complex receiverships, we save you money over the high cost of an Attorney.

If an Attorney’s services are required, we hire them on an as-needed basis, with the goal of saving the receivership estate unnecessary expenses and recovering as much money for the Judgment Creditor as possible to settle debts owed by the Judgement Debtor and/or his or her estate. And unlike most Attorneys, we specialize in Property Management and are able to take control of any real estate asset, provide value estimates, provide management, and to sell or liquidate properties in order to settle debts owed to you.